MG sees further potential in the small electric vehicle (EV) market, with the company reportedly considering a model to slot under the MG 4 that could reach the UK market in 2025. 

    Speaking to Autocar, MG Motor product and planning boss David Allison confirmed the company has ambitions to offer an affordable EV with a price tag of £20,000 (A$39,000).

    Mr Allison confirmed a concept of the new model – potentially called the MG 2 – already exists, and could become a production model within the next two years.

    “I think that it’s an area that no one has really exploited successfully yet, because the focus has been very much on larger cars and really where they can charge the amount of money for people that are willing to pay it,” said Mr Allison to Autocar

    “But I think there’s a huge opportunity for someone who can get to the four-metre EV for around €20,000 (A$39,000).

    “I think someone can do that with an acceptable range, decent-sized car about that price, and I think that person will clean up with it. And why not us?

    “We need to start giving people more accessible cars at the price they feel comfortable affording, and that’s what this industry is really, really good at.”

    While reflecting on the ideal timeframe for making a production version of the so-called ‘MG 2’ concept, Mr Allison said he has “been impressed with how quickly things tend to happen [at MG]”. 

    However, he went on to say that while it would be great to get the small EV on the market as soon as possible, such a schedule may not materialise. 

    “Product development is clearly a long-term thing, but it’s not inconceivable that you could go from concept to production in as little as two years,” Mr Allison explained. 

    “It would be great if we could get something like that in the market by the end of next year. It’s still a couple of years away, to be perfectly honest. But I don’t think it’s inconceivable. And I think if we can do it, I’d really like to do it.”

    If an ‘MG 2’ does eventuate, it would have to compete with rivals from BYD, Dacia and Vauxhall. 

    The BYD Dolphin – which is also sold in Australia – is priced from around £25,000 in England, which converted to the Aussie dollar equals $48,500, even though the Dolphin is priced from around $39,000 locally. 

    Additionally, the Dacia Spring – which is a small electric crossover – is reportedly priced from £17,000 (A$33,000), while the Vauxhall Corsa electric hatchback goes for £32,000 (A$63,000). 

    Mr Allison didn’t detail what platform the potential ‘MG 2’ could use, although it’s possible it could use a smaller version of the larger MG 4 EV’s Modular Scalable platform – which is also set to underpin the next generation MG ZS and HS SUVs.

    It’s likely the MG 2 would largely be bespoke for the European market and for now isn’t confirmed for Australia.

    Mr Allison however reportedly sees international potential for the pint-sized EV. He cited the work that SAIC’s European design centre in London does in refining and testing MG’s global products. 

    “It’s the spiritual home of the brand; we’re seen as being quite pivotal, quite important,” said Mr Allison.

    James Gelding
    James Gelding is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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