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Mazda BT-50 headlines sharp EOFY drive-away deals

With the end of the financial year approaching, Mazda Australia is holding its annual EOFY promotions with drive-away specials available across the range.


Mazda Australia has announced a slew of drive-away specials across its line-up for the end of financial year, including the BT-50 ute, CX-3 compact SUV, and recently-facelifted Mazda 2 hatchback.

The Japanese brand is stressing dealers have these vehicles “in stock and ready to go” amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dealers Australia wide are open and well stocked with vehicles available for delivery before 30 June, meaning customers can take advantage of further tax time savings,” Mazda says in its media release.

A full list of the Mazda EOFY offers is below:

Mazda BT-50

Customers interested on a 2019-build Mazda BT-50 can save “over $10,000” on select models, namely the BT-50 Dual Cab XT 4×4 manual and Single Cab chassis 4×2 manual priced at $37,490 drive-away and $29,990 drive-away respectively.

The following drive-away promotions are advertised across the wider range for ABN holders, with private prices in brackets:

  • BT-50 Single Cab 4×2 XT w/ tray – $29,990 drive-away ($30,840 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Single Cab 4×4 XT w/ tray – $36,290 drive-away ($37,290 drive-away)
  • BT-50 F/style Cab 4×2 XT w/ tray – $33,290 drive-away ($34,090 drive-away)
  • BT-50 F/style Cab 4×4 XT w/ tray – $38,790 drive-away ($39,790 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Dual Cab 4×2 XT Utility – $34,790 drive-away ($35,590 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Dual Cab 4×2 XTR Utility – $38,690 drive-away ($39,590 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Dual Cab 4×4 XT Utility – $37,490 drive-away ($38,990 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Dual Cab 4×4 XTR Utility – $43,990 drive-away ($44,990 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Dual Cab 4×4 GT Utility – $46,990 drive-away ($47,990 drive-away)
  • BT-50 Dual Cab 4×4 Boss Utility – $53,990 drive-away ($54,990 drive-away)

Mazda 2

The company’s entry-level hatchback and sedan launched earlier this year with a host of equipment upgrades but also with significantly higher pricing.

Mazda is offering the following models with drive-away promotions which bring thousands in savings:

  • Mazda 2 G15 Pure Hatch – $21,990 drive-away
  • Mazda 2 G15 Evolve Hatch – $25,490 drive-away
  • Mazda 2 G15 GT Hatch/Sedan – $26,990 drive-away

Mazda 6

Before June 30 the Mazda 6 Sport Sedan can be had for $33,990 drive-away, which is a near $5000 saving over the recommended drive-away price in Victoria.

Mazda CX-3

The Mazda 2’s higher riding sibling, the CX-3, is available with a pair of drive-away offers at the lower end of its range:

  • CX-3 Neo Sport FWD – $23,990 drive-away
  • CX-3 Maxx Sport FWD – $26,490 drive-away

Note these promotions are for 2020-build vehicles.

Mazda CX-5

The top-selling CX-5 mid-size crossover is currently advertised from as low as $32,990 drive-away for the base Maxx specification.

A full list of drive-away offers is below:

  • CX-5 Maxx FWD – $32,990 drive-away
  • CX-5 Maxx Sport FWD Auto – $38,240 drive-away
  • CX-5 Touring AWD Auto – $43,740 drive-away
  • CX-5 GT AWD Auto – $48,490 drive-away
  • CX-5 Akera AWD Auto – $51,240 drive-away
  • CX-5 Akera AWD Auto Turbo – $54,240 drive-away

Mazda CX-8

The seven-seat Mazda CX-8 is on offer for 2020-build models, with promotions available across the line-up:

  • CX-8 Sport FWD Petrol – $41,490 drive-away
  • CX-8 Sport AWD Diesel – $48,490 drive-away
  • CX-8 Asaki AWD Diesel – $65,840 drive-away

Mazda CX-9

Rounding out the EOFY promotions is the flagship CX-9 SUV, with drive-away promotions advertised for MY20 Sport and GT variants:

  • CX-9 Sport FWD – $45,990 drive-away
  • CX-9 GT FWD – $61,990 drive-away

Mazda Australia adds there are further savings available on 2019-plate stock across its line-up.

The Mazda EOFY drive-away deals are national, with the company noting its dealership network remains open with “strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place to protect customers and staff alike”.

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