After a record year of sales in 2023, Lexus Australia is set for further growth to cater for the influx of new customers.

    With more new models on the horizon, Lexus is focusing on growing its dealership footprint and ensuring customers are catered for when it comes to everything from buying their vehicle through to servicing it.

    Speaking to CarExpert, Lexus Australia CEO John Pappas said the company doesn’t underestimate the job ahead of it in terms of keeping up with customer growth.

    “So we’ll always look at our existing dealers, right? We’ve got a great family of Lexus dealers. And we’ve got great relationships with all of our partners,” he said.

    “So we’ll always look at the existing dealer network first. And then we’ll look at, where we see extra opportunity and whether that aligns within the current dealer network in terms of how they’re all positioned, and then we’ll we’ll make those decisions at that right time.

    “I don’t have a number for you to say X amount by this time [of new dealerships] or anything like that, but we are definitely on an expansion plan because our volume’s growing and, we need to be able to service the customers and give them the ownership experience that Lexus gives.

    “So we need to carefully consider how we expand and who we expand with.”

    Lexus wants to avoid a situation like Jeep was in during its boom days in Australia. Sales peaked at just over 30,000 sales in 2014 from a base less than half that not much earlier.

    In Jeep’s case, the explosion in sales wasn’t followed up by adequate dealer or service support and customers ultimately paid the price for the lack of interest from the brand in helping them.

    Lexus sold 15,192 vehicles in Australia in 2023, an increase of 114.3 per cent and a new record for the brand.

    It beat a previous record set in 2019, when it sold 9612 vehicles.

    60.4 per cent of all Lexus sales in 2023 were of hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric models, the first year these powertrains have accounted for the majority of sales.

    Stronger supply and shorter wait times buoyed sales, while Lexus also introduced the first of its promised three new vehicles in three new segments with the LM people mover.

    This year, it’s introducing the GX off-roader and the entry-level LBX crossover.

    Paul Maric

    Paul Maric is an Australian car expert based in Melbourne, Australia. Paul is a founder of & formerly part of the CarAdvice founding team.

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