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Hyundai hot hatch hype leads to 12-month wait times

Like most brands, Hyundai is battling to secure supply of cars. Its i20 N and i30 N pocket rockets are the worst affected.


High demand and tight supply mean Hyundai’s two hottest hatches, the i20 N and larger i30 N, are currently subject to wait lists in Australia of 12 months or more.

The company has been keeping its dealers up to date with the stock situation, which varies depending by model.

The pocket rockets are among the worst affected, partially because they come from so far away: the i20 N is sourced from Turkey and the i30 N from the Czech Republic.

The company confirmed it currently holds around 750 outstanding i20 N orders and 850 i30 N hatch orders, which need to be cleared off before new orders are satisfied.

To put these figures into context, Hyundai handed over 365 i20 Ns between January and March.

It doesn’t break out i30 N sales individually, but it averaged 900 sales annually for the manual-only pre-facelift model, and demand has subsequently grown since the DCT landed.

Those after a hotted-up Hyundai in a hurry may have better luck with the i30 Sedan N, which only has a wait list of around three months or so according to HMCA advice.

The Kona N crossover wait time is averaged out at around seven months.

Both of these vehicles are sourced from Korea.

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