The next-generation Honda CR-V e:PHEV made its debut at the end of last week in Europe, showing the plug-in hybrid variant will be more widely available than in the previous generation that was sold primarily in China.

    Originally launched earlier this year in China, the new CR-V plug-in hybrid will be one of two drivetrains available in Europe, the other being the standard hybrid system that’s present on sixth-generation models sold elsewhere around the world.

    It’s unclear at this stage if the CR-V e:PHEV will be available in versions of the crossover built in both Thailand and North America. Australia-bound CR-Vs are expected to come from Thailand.

    While the Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid has a more powerful 225kW powertrain compared to the 169kW system fitted to the regular RAV4 hybrid, the CR-V e:PHEV has no extra power.

    Instead it has the same 152kW system fitted to the CR-V e:HEV, which pairs a 109kW/183Nm 2.0-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine with a 135kW/335Nm electric motor.

    Naturally the PHEV model has a larger lithium-ion battery pack, and external charging capability. Honda hasn’t announced the capacity of the PHEV’s battery, but has revealed the car is capable of 82km of pure electric driving under the WLTP testing standard.

    The company also claims the e:PHEV can be fully recharged from empty in 2.5 hours.

    In Europe the CR-V will only be available as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. A turbocharged 142kW/243Nm 1.5-litre petrol engine will feature in other markets around the world, including North America and Thailand.

    The sixth-generation CR-V was unveiled in the US in the middle of 2022. In March this year, the car was the star attraction at the Honda’s Bangkok motor show stand. It’s likely the Australia-bound CR-Vs will be sourced from Thailand, but timing, specifications and drivetrain options have yet to be confirmed.

    While Honda has lagged behind other carmakers, including Volkswagen and Stellantis, in its rollout of pure EVs, the company has switched to offering only electrified drivetrains, mostly hybrid, on new models being sold in Europe, with the sole exception being the Civic Type R.

    So far Honda’s only European EV is the the retro-styled e. While the small hatch has won plaudits for its design, its small 35.5kWh battery limits range to 211km (WLTP), and has put a dampener on sales.

    Honda will soon launch the curiously-named e:Ny1 on the Continent, and while it looks like a warmed over HR-V, it actually rides on the e:N Architecture F front-wheel drive EV platform. Fitted with a more palatable 68.8kWh battery, the e:Ny1 is expected to have a range of around 412km.

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