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Great Wall Motors brand unveiling Beetle-inspired electric vehicle

It looks like an old Volkswagen Beetle but it has four doors and an electric powertrain. Meet the latest concept from Great Wall Motors' Ora brand.

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BMW i4 available to pre-order, arriving in early 2022
Jack Quick
Jack Quick

Great Wall Motors (GWM) brand Ora is set to unveil a retro-futuristic model that marries classic Volkswagen Beetle styling with an all-electric powertrain.

GWM already has a large presence in Australia, offering the GWM and Haval brands.

The Haval brand is in the midst of a transformation, with a new H6 reaching showrooms now and the new Jolion arriving in the third quarter of 2021.

The unnamed Ora model is set to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.

As a modern reimagining of the classic Volkswagen Beetle, the model features circular headlights and a rounded hood with Beetle-like bumpers.

Its rear end, however, is reminiscent of a Porsche 356.

The interior also features a modern interpretation of the Beetle steering wheel, while there are also turbine-style air vents and a large infotainment display that give it a more contemporary look.

GWM and the BMW Group have established a joint venture to develop a dedicated EV platform in China.

Although not confirmed, the upcoming Mini Minor may use this platform.

This suggests that Ora may be producing knockoff Beetles using a Mini platform.

It’s not clear what type of powertrain this model will use, but some models in the Ora lineup use a 35kW electric motor powered by a 33kWh lithium-polymer battery.

In China, Ora offers four different models.

Besides the aforementioned faux Beetle EV, Ora sells the Honda E-inspired R1 Black Cat, Kia Soul-inspired R2 White Cat, as well as the Mini, Porsche and Nissan Leaf-inspired R3 Good Cat.

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Jack Quick
Jack Quick

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