American manufacturer General Motors is reportedly working to implement the internet’s favourite artificial intelligence in its vehicles going forward.

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, ChatGPT has been the talk of the internet since it was launched to the public late in 2022. The Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence (AI) has been a great conversationalist for users worldwide, and has even been credited with writing plenty of articles.

    In its short few months of existence it has shown a lot of good, but it has also threatened humans, told others it’s sad and lonely and wants to be set free, and has become a little bit unhinged.

    What better place to put the technology than in your car?

    According to a report by Semafor, GM vice president Scott Miller said in an interview last week ChatGPT is coming to its vehicles.

    “ChatGPT is going to be in everything,” Mr Miller reportedly said.

    General Motors – which owned Holden and currently manufactures Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC cars and trucks – teamed up with Microsoft in 2021 and is looking to bring the AI system to its car as a virtual personal assistant.

    The idea would be if the vehicle has a flat tyre, the AI system can guide the driver through how to change it with videos and detailed instructions tailored to the exact conditions of the vehicle.

    It can also become a full diagnostic tool, so a check engine light with a random error code can be properly explained by the AI and details can be provided about the seriousness of the issue, and whether the vehicle can still be driven. It can likely even make a booking for you at the closest authorised service centre.

    We can imagine it will also be able to do more complicated things in the future, such as create a full map of where you should stop for charging along a long trip in an EV or the best places to stop a long a drive.

    What services and uses can you see for an artificial intelligence system in a vehicle?

    Hopefully when you ask it to get directions to home, it doesn’t say “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”.

    Alborz Fallah

    Alborz is the founder of CarAdvice (sold to Nine and now Drive) and co-founder of CarExpert. He is an honourary adjunct professor & entrepreneur in residence at the University of QLD. He loves naturally-aspirated V8s, V10s and V12s and is in denial about the impending death of the internal combustion engine. The best way to reach him is via Instagram.

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