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Ford Everest Raptor knocked on the head by customers

The thought of a Ford Everest Raptor is pretty cool, but according to Ford, customers have knocked the idea on the head.

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Paul Maric
Paul Maric

One of the benefits of sharing platforms is the ability to mix and match parts and components. So with the success of the Ford Ranger Raptor globally, is there scope for a go anywhere Ford Everest Raptor?

Despite how cool it would be, customers have knocked the idea on the head with a lack of interest preventing the project from ever getting off the ground.

Speaking with CarExpert, Ian Foston, Ford’s T6 chief platform engineer, said the lack of demand meant the company didn’t spend much time on the idea when asked whether an Everest Raptor had legs.

“Yeah, you know, we certainly spoke to…and especially when you talk about, you know, Everest owners clubs for example and people who use Everest in probably a more more extreme way than perhaps a normal customer,” he said.

“A few of them have said, oh, wouldn’t it be awesome to do a, an Everest Raptor. But in reality I would say that we haven’t had a massive calling for it [outside of those few people]. There’s been few people asking about it [that weren’t Ford’s extreme Everest customers].”

Both the Ford Everest and Ford Ranger share a core T6 platform beneath the skin, meaning most of the work has already been done for the next-generation Ranger Raptor to create a ‘Raptorised’ version of the Everest.

One of the greatest limitations to appeal for the project could be the reduced payload and towing capacity when Ford creates a full Raptor product.

The Ranger Raptor, for example, only offers a braked towing capacity of 2500kg (compared to 3500kg for other variants) and a max payload of just over 750kg.

Sacrificing towing capacity and payload on Everest for extra off-road ability may push customers away from the product.

We still think it’d be a pretty cool proposition. Would you like to see an Everest Raptor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Paul Maric
Paul Maric

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