The new Fiat Topolino is the second all-electric in the company’s European range, and the next step on Fiat’s journey to becoming an all-EV brand on the Continent by 2028.

    If the Topolino looks vaguely familiar, that’s because it’s a reskin of the Citroen Ami and Opel Rocks Electric. While the Opel version is differentiated from the Citroen only by its badges and paint schemes, the Fiat variant has a redesigned front end with a friendlier design.

    Although the new car — technically a quadricycle — is named after the original 500, which was nicknamed the Topolino or mouse, the design of the new Topolino’s front resembles that of modern 500 models.

    We don’t know, yet, what changes have been made to the car’s rear and interior, as Fiat has so far only released one photo of the Topolino.

    The Topolino revealed today doesn’t have doors, and looks as though it has a reworked interior with the dashboard featuring a green-and-white-striped padded cover with brown leather straps, which results in a very mid-century Italian beachside feel.

    As the Italian brand hasn’t revealed any details about the drivetrain, we’ll assume it has the same setup as the Ami, which has a 6kW electric motor driving the front wheels.

    This is hooked up to a 5.5kWh battery, that’s said to be good for 75km of driving on the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC). With a plastic body draped over a steel frame, weight is around 475kg, while top speed is limited to 45km/h.

    Aimed at those living in cities with narrow streets, and probably local traffic and emissions restrictions too, the Ami measures just 2410mm long, 1390mm wide, and 1520mm tall.

    With their light weight, diminutive dimensions, and lower power outputs, the Ami/Rocks Electric/Topolino are classified in the EU as quadricycles, meaning they are subject to less stringent safety requirements.

    In some countries quadricycles also have easier licensing requirements, making them available to more people. In France, for example, anybody 14 years and older can apply can sit for a quadricycle licence.

    If the Ami is anything to go by, the Topolino may also be available through Stellantis’ per-day and per-hour car sharing app.

    Like its siblings, the Topolino will likely be produced by Stellantis at its factory in Morocco. Pricing has yet to be announced, but the Ami has a starting price of €7790 ($12,800) in France.

    Although the Citroen Ami is sold in the UK, it is only made in left-hand drive. The driver’s door is rear hinged, while the passenger’s door is front hinged, and there’s no rear hatch.

    Derek Fung

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