Cupra barely has its wheels on the ground in Australia, but already it’s revealed a range of minor updates for its 2023 line-up.

    The 2022 range (announced and detailed earlier in 2022) is currently available to order, but Cupra will progressively roll out ordering for the 2023 range from August.

    Deliveries will begin from August, though the plug-in hybrid Leon and Formentor VZe models will only be available as MY23 vehicles, with deliveries beginning in October.

    Orders for the base Leon V will open sometime during the third quarter of 2022.

    On the Leon hatchback, all models have ditched their 10-inch touchscreens in favour of a 12-inch unit. Scrolling indicators have been ditched in favour of static indicators on the tail lights.

    Prices are up by $400 on the VZ, and by $500 on the VZe and VZx.

    When it comes to the Formentor, the VZx has picked up a 360-degree camera for an additional $500.

    The Ateca and Formentor will be offered with the necessary wiring for a towing kit for no charge. Unbraked towing capacity across the range is 750kg.

    The Ateca VZx can tow 2100kg braked, the Formentor VZ can handle 1800kg, the V can take 1700kg, the VZ can haul 1600kg, and the VZe can tow 1500kg.

    Cupra has today confirmed orders are open for Australia, and has locked in locations for its Cupra Garage retail spaces.

    2023 Cupra drive-away pricing

    • Cupra Leon
      • Cupra Leon V: $43,990 (RRP, drive-away TBC)
      • Cupra Leon VZ: $57,490 (+$400)
      • Cupra Leon VZe: $60,490 (+$500. RRP. Drive-away between $63,490 and $66,490 by state)
      • Cupra Leon VZx: $65,490 (+$500)
    • Cupra Formentor
      • Cupra Formentor V: $54,990
      • Cupra Formentor VZ: $58,490
      • Cupra Formentor VZe: $60,990 (RRP, drive-away between $63,990 and $66,990 by state)
      • Cupra Formentor VZx: $66,990 (+$500)
    • Cupra Ateca
      • Cupra Ateca VZx: $65,990

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