Earlier this week, Ford pulled the wraps off its latest creation: the Mustang GTD.

    Unfortunately we won’t be seeing them on Australian roads since they’re only coming in a left-hand drive setup – but even if we can’t drive it, the tech specs and details are well worth a look.

    Let’s break down what makes this car so special, while feasting your eyes on Ford’s incredible cut-away images.

    Powertrain and performance

    Engine: 600kW supercharged 5.2-litre V8 (7500rpm redline)
    Transmission: Eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transaxle

    Dry-sump lubrication system: A first for Mustangs, this system guarantees continuous lubrication even during the most extreme driving conditions, preventing engine wear and tear and maintaining peak performance.

    A dry sump system differs from the conventional wet sump found in most Mustangs in its method of oil storage and circulation. In a conventional wet sump, the oil resides in a pan directly beneath the engine, and a pump circulates this oil back into the engine.

    While it’s simple and effective for everyday driving, it can pose risks during racing as oil can slosh to one side, potentially leaving parts of the engine momentarily without lubrication. A dry sump system uses an external reservoir to store oil and multiple pumps to circulate and scavenge the oil.

    This design ensures a consistent supply to the engine, even under high lateral forces. It’s a more complex and expensive system but provides superior engine protection and performance benefits in demanding conditions.

    Suspension and handling

    Front suspension: A short-long arm configuration maximises lateral rigidity, particularly crucial during high-G cornering scenarios.

    Rear suspension: Comprises an integral link pushrod and rocker arm design housed within a motorsport-style tubular subframe.

    This setup accommodates Adaptive Spool Valve shock absorbers and coil-over springs, resulting in a 1:1 motion ratio, translating to exceptional track responsiveness.

    Semi-Active Suspension System: This allows manipulation of spring rates and ride height.

    The adaptive spool valve damper mechanism offers dual spring rates and adjustable height, delivering versatile performance. In track mode, the Mustang GTD can drop its ride height by 40mm.

    Wheels and Brakes

    Tyres: Michelin Cup 2 (325mm front, 345mm rear)

    Wheels: Customers can choose between 20-inch forged aluminum or magnesium wheels.

    Braking: Brembo carbon ceramic brakes

    Aerodynamics and weight management

    Materials: Carbon fibre driveshaft, roof, widened fenders, hood, door sills, and various other components.

    Active aerodynamics: Hydraulically adjustable rear wing and front air flaps, improving downforce and enhancing aerodynamic efficiency.

    Additional Features

    Cooling: To combat heat build-up, especially under track conditions, the GTD is equipped with cooling ducts beneath the rear suspension.

    Interior: Ford integrates leather and synthetic suede upholstery, carbon-fibrr trim, Recaro bucket seats, and digital displays.

    Paddle shifters, rotary shifter dial, oh, and a serial plate are fabricated from titanium sourced from decommissioned F-22 fighter jets. Not exactly functional, but how cool is that!

    Mark Trueno

    Mark Trueno is a CarExpert Contributor.

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