General Motors has debuted another full-sized electric pickup truck in the 2024 GMC Sierra EV, offering up to 640km of range and 4309kg of towing capacity.

    It features an 800V battery pack and can be charged at up to 350kW on a DC fast charger and 19.2kW on an AC charger.

    GMC will launch the Sierra EV first in flagship Denali Edition 1 guise, with US deliveries starting in early 2024. It’s priced from US$107,000 before on-road costs (A$170,873), and comes standard with a trailering package.

    The Denali Edition 1 produces 562kW of power and 1064Nm of torque in Max Power mode, and also boasts features seen on the GMC Hummer EV like four-wheel steering with a CrabWalk function.

    The claimed 0-60mph (0-96km/h) time is less than 4.5 seconds in Max Power mode, while payload is 590kg.

    As with the Hummer EV, GMC will subsequently roll out more affordable and likely less powerful variants, with the line-up set to start around US$50,000 (A$79,847). Only a dual-cab body with a 180cm-long tub will be offered.

    For reference, the Ford F-150 Lightning starts at US$51,974 (A$83,000), while the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 is priced at US$112,595 (A$179,808) and the upcoming base EV2 will start at US$86,664 (A$138,398)

    The Denali Edition 1 will be joined by the off-road-oriented AT4 and base Elevation trims, launching for model year 2025. Specifications for these will be announced closer to their launch.

    The Sierra EV has a more premium positioning than the related Chevrolet Silverado EV, lacking a counterpart to the Chevy’s black-bumper fleet-spec WT that starts at US$41,595 and packs a 380kW/834Nm powertrain.

    The Sierra EV will be built alongside the Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck “Factory Zero” plant and will share their Ultium underpinnings.

    In addition to the GMC-exclusive CrabWalk function, which turns the rear wheels in unison at the same angle as the front wheels at low speeds, there’s also adaptive air suspension that can lower the vehicle by 50mm, a one-pedal driving function, regenerative braking, and trailering-capable Super Cruise.

    The latter allows hands-free driving on more than 643,737km of compatible roads in the US and Canada.

    There are multiple drive modes including a My Mode, allowing the driver to adjust the steering, suspension, propulsion, sound and power settings.

    As with the Silverado EV and rival F-150 Lightning, there’s a front boot providing a lockable, weatherproof compartment.

    The Onboard Power Station Pro allows the Sierra EV to serve as a mobile power source and output up to 10.2kW of power, allowing you to power appliances and tools and even charge another EV. There are 10 power outlets.

    Down back there’s a new MultiPro Midgate, allowing you to expand the tub to haul longer items. GMC says there’s still room for a rear-seat passenger even with this in use – the rear seats fold 60/40 – while there’s a total of 274cm of storage between the cab and the tailgate.

    This expands to nearly 335cm with the MultiPro Tailgate down.

    While GMC for years produced largely badge-engineered Chevrolet pickup trucks and SUVs, in recent times its vehicles have been much more distinguished from their bow-tie counterparts.

    The Sierra EV is no exception, with distinctive front- and rear-end styling and a completely different dashboard.

    There’s a familial resemblance with the combustion-powered Sierra, particularly in the headlights with their similar C-shaped LED daytime running lights, but the front is more smoothed-off.

    Inside, the Sierra EV eschews the Silverado EV’s curved display with its 17-inch touchscreen, in favour of an upright, portrait-oriented 16.8-inch screen. On this, you can access 14 available camera views.

    It’s paired with an 11-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14-inch head-up display.

    Underpinned by GM’s Ultifi software platform, updates and apps can be downloaded over the air.

    As befitting a Denali, there’s open-pore wood trim, with even the wireless phone charger featuring a wood veneer. It complements aluminium and etched stainless steel trim, while a panoramic fixed-glass roof bathes the cabin in light.

    GMC says the Sierra EV’s interior “lays the foundation for the future of the brand”, so expect some of these design elements to filter through the rest of the range.

    The Silverado EV will be delivered to customers first, starting in the second quarter of 2023. The GMC Hummer EV is currently sold out.

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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