The updated BMW X7 will keep its controversial super-sized grille and may even add a split headlight treatment into the mix.

    The prototype seen here features a main set of lighting units placed further down the bumper away from the edge of the bonnet.

    2021 BMW X7 facelift spied

    This could mean the revised X7 follows the current trend for split headlights, with a thin but prominent strip of LED driving lights up top followed by a gap and then a disguised pod for the regular and high beam lights.

    At the rear, the changes will likely be less dramatic. The only change we can see at the moment is a different design for the faux scuff plate section of the lower bumper.

    Other changes should eventually include new tail light graphics, a revised bumper and possibly different exhaust tip finishers.

    2021 BMW X7 facelift spied

    We’re not certain about all the changes BMW has in store for the X7’s drivetrain selection, but production of the 294kW/760Nm 3.0-litre quad-turbo straight-six diesel engine used in the M50d is due to end in September.

    Its place in the lineup will likely be filled by a plug-in hybrid.

    BMW design Boss Adrian van Hooydonk has defended the X7‘s prominent kidney grille as being “in proportion” to the rest of the car.

    He has acknowledged the grilles on the X7 and 7 Series aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but said the cars needed to be bold to appeal to China and the Middle East, the chief markets for both vehicles.

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