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    About the Subaru WRX

    Bill Lang purchased this Subaru WRX new with additional options for $61,261 (including all on-road costs). Bill Lang wouldn’t buy this car again because: “The car will happily sit stationary with one wheel spinning and the rest stopped. This is not AWD. Subaru have forgotten what the R in WRX stands for. The dash is a beeping flashing mess, that constantly cries wolf over the most trivial things.”

    How reliable has your car been? Tell us about any issues.

    AWD FAIL. First time up my (gravel 12 degree) driveway the front right lets go and the other three do nothing. Digs a hole almost deep enough to ground the body at which point I back off before it damages itself. The seventeen year-old X-Trail it replaces has better AWD performance at half the price.

    Despite the badge it must be driven as if it is a front-wheel drive. I certainly wouldn’t trust it in any low traction situation like snow or dirt.

    What do you think of the ownership experience with your car?

    Software fail. The dash lights up like a Christmas tree for the most trivial reasons and the beeping is almost constant. A little mist on the windscreen causes the computer to turn off half the safety features and turn on half the idiot lights. Can’t see the lane lines, beep and flash. Someone cuts you off on the highway, beep and flash.

    As a software designer, I don’t consider it beta quality. My 2021 HiLux has most of the same features but is way less intrusive.

    How has the purchase and aftercare experience been with your car?

    Worst brand new car purchase experience I have ever had. Trivett Parramatta makes the purchase process slower and more difficult than it should be.

    Had my deposit for almost a year, but I can’t have the colour I ordered. They remove the excitement from a brand new performance car.

    Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

    If you can ignore the off-tar traction issues and driving with a Christmas tree in your face, it is an excellent car.

    The heated seats are very comfortable, driver memory makes it easy to share with a spouse, and the audio system is great.

    What do you think of the performance and economy of your car?

    I didn’t give a single thought to economy. Seriously, it’s a sports car! It has plenty of power which it delivers smoothly to a dry tar road. It has enough grunt to bite you if you re not paying attention.

    What do you think of the technology in your car?

    Most settings and features are easy enough to find and figure out. Alas, the safety features are horribly intrusive. If you turn off the beeping associated with any safety feature, an idiot light turns on. It seems as though the software project manager was a panicking grandmother.

    What do you think of the ride comfort and handling of your car?

    The steering is precise and it drives cleanly through corners at speed. Brakes are excellent without the jitter of some ABS systems, as I discovered when another driver tried to take me out in traffic. It still has some of the excitement the marque is renowned for.

    Do you have any additional comments about your car?

    A fun car to drive on dry tar, but I wouldn’t by another one.

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