• Ride and handling
    • Modern styling, sporty
    • Interior layout
    • Reverse camera not centred, no centre line
    • Cupholders are a bit loose
    • No digital speedo
    5 Star

    About the Ford Focus

    Cameron M purchased this Ford Focus used for $5500 (including all on-road costs) in 2021. Cameron M would buy this car again because: “I’d buy the Focus again, as I have three times already, because it’s such a perfect car. It handles perfectly, drives smoothly, looks very modern for its age, and is always a head turner. The LW Focus was definitely a once in a lifetime thing. “

    How reliable has your car been? Tell us about any issues.

    Car has a touch under 300,000km on it and according to its full Ford Dealer service history and the previous (and original) owner the car has only had a failed water pump which was replaced by Ford, and just small things such as headlight bulb and USB fuse blowing.

    What do you think of the ownership experience with your car?

    The car has been terrific. Would never be able to tell the mileage of the car by the way it drives as you would, say a BA Falcon or old Territory.

    Has plenty of luxurious features; I love like rain sensing wipers and reverse camera which are nice and useful to have.

    Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

    The price of the car was perfect, my 2012 Focus Trend Manual had been written off and I was on the look for another Focus LW after loving it so much.

    The ad for this one had been up for a while, I presume people scared of the kilometres, but the seller was genuine, had all the receipts from the Ford dealer for every service, the tyres, and also the roadworthy that came included in the $5500. It also had 10 months registration.

    It’s also a positive that the PowerShift incident lowered resale value of the manuals also as that’s only what I’d be in market for as the PowerShift in the diesels were just as unreliable as the petrols, only the diesels would completely fail rather than just shuddering.

    What do you think of the performance and economy of your car?

    The engine is a nice unit, good power for around town and the freeway. Fuel economy has been great, averaging about 6.5L/100km, and the car is not driven lightly at all, it’s hard to resist the urge to accelerate around nice corners, and the feedback from the car makes you push it more.

    What do you think of the technology in your car?

    The technology is excellent considering the age of the car. Some cars today still lack rain sensing wipers and even inbuilt voice control.

    The Bluetooth connection is seamless and super quick. What seemed bad in 2013 with the many buttons is something that makes the car easy to use today. It’s simple to have a navigation button, or phone, or radio – there’s less distraction than touchscreen interfaces, I wouldn’t even consider upgrading to an Apple CarPlay unit as this is great.

    The Sony audio is excellent, bass and clarity is good, although FordAudio is great from what I experienced in my previous models. No other competitors of the same vintage can offer what the Focus did and still offers.

    What do you think of the ride comfort and handling of your car?

    The car handles so good. That’s the highlight of the car, you steering and it just keeps going, doesn’t lose composure, ticks in nicely and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 don’t make a sound.

    The steering is plenty light when you’re just cruising, but when you get into the curves it has good, natural weight that gives great feel of the car’s ability. On the freeway it goes great, smooth on smooth roads, bumpy on bumpy roads, can’t help the conditions of the roads and every car you will feel bumps.

    Overall Rating

    Ride & Handling10
    Price & Features10
    Performance & Economy10
    Ownership Experience10