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    The new Nissan Z series is among the very best-known Japanese sports cars with a deep history and a fan base that has waited patiently for the arrival of the seventh-generation model.

    It’s been 13 years since the 370Z launched, and 59 years since the very first “Z” car (S30) went on sale.

    The major changes to the new Nissan Z are the return to a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, and an entirely fresh ‘retro-modern’ design that shares more in common with the 300ZX than the 370Z and 350Z that came before it.

    Having dropped the numerical part of the model name and with no Fairlady badging for Australia, the Japanese giant is sticking with the Z brand, with no mention of its new 3.0-litre engine capacity in the name.

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    Nissan Z

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