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    The Kia Seltos is the South Korean brand's competitor to big sellers such as the Mitsubishi ASX and Nissan Qashqai in the Small SUV space.

    The Seltos a modern and well-proportioned design with an unusually large amount of cabin space for the class, and in higher spec levels a massive 10-inch touchscreen and party tricks like pulsing cabin LEDs. 

    There are base models of the Kia Seltos with a 2.0-litre engine and CVT, plus front-wheel drive, or 1.6-litre turbo models with a 8-speed automatic transmission (previously a DCT) and on-demand all-wheel drive, plus fairly agile dynamics. 

    For 2023 model year the Kia Seltos gets a range of new safety features, air vents in the rear for all variants and USB C charging ports along with a host of other changes detailed below

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    Kia Seltos

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