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2020 Ford Escape
Fuel Efficiency1.5 - 8.6L/100km
ANCAP Rating5 / 5

2020 Ford Escape

The 2020 Ford Escape was available in twenty-one variants, is classed as a Medium SUV and was built in Spain. Buyers could choose from premium unleaded petrol, diesel or premium unleaded-electric hybrid engines.

The 2020 Ford Escape was sold with engines that range in size from 1.5L to 2.5L and from turbocharged four-cylinders to turbocharged four-cylinders.

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2020 Ford Escape FAQs

What is the value of a used 2020 Ford Escape?

If buying from a dealer as a used car, the 2020 Ford Escape range is priced from A$25,300 for the "Escape AMBIENTE (FWD)" variant and finishes at A$47,600 for the "Escape VIGNALE (AWD)" variant. If you were to trade a used 2020 Ford Escape in to a dealer, you can expect a second hand price of A$20,500 for the "Escape AMBIENTE (FWD)" variant up to A$40,900 for the "Escape VIGNALE (AWD)" variant. These prices may vary depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle.

In which country was the 2020 Ford Escape built?

Depending on the variant, the 2020 Ford Escape may be built in Spain or United States Of America and is then shipped to Australia.

What is the 2020 Ford Escape towing capacity?

The 2020 Ford Escape has a braked towing capacity from 1200kg to 1800kg depending on the variant and an unbraked towing capacity of 750kg.

What were the service intervals of the 2020 Ford Escape?

Ford suggested that owners service their 2020 Ford Escape every 12 months or 15,000km, whichever comes first.

How safe is the 2020 Ford Escape?

The 2020 Ford Escape has a five star ANCAP safety rating out of five.

What type of fuel does the 2020 Ford Escape use?

The variants of the 2020 Ford Escape use Premium Unleaded Petrol, Diesel or Premium Unleaded/electric.

How many doors does the 2020 Ford Escape have?

The 2020 Ford Escape has 4 doors.

What was the warranty for the 2020 Ford Escape?

The 2020 Ford Escape had a 5 year, unlimited km warranty.