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Australian startup making "world-first" active wheel-alignment system

Doftek has created a system that plugs into existing suspension architectures, to subtly change wheel camber, caster and toe while the vehicle is on the move

Inside the Suppliers: Hella

Bi-Xenon, LED, Matrix – headlamps in cars have advanced significantly over the last 20 years. Pardon the pun, but Hella is one of the companies that is illuminating the way forward for lighting technology.

Instant asset tax write-off extended: Everything you need to know for June 30

The Federal Government has announced it will extend the Instant Asset Tax Write-Off scheme until the end of December. Here's what you need to know.

Is wearing earphones while driving illegal?

Want to wear and listen to your liberating wireless earbuds while driving? It's legal, but with conditions.

What’s next for ANCAP?

You were lucky to get dual airbags and anti-lock brakes in a car in 1992. Safety technology has come a long way since then and continues to evolve, and it's the same for safety testing.

Turbocharging explained

Turbo. It's an evocative word for motoring enthusiasts, symbolising performance and technical sophistication.

Tyre tech: What do the numbers on my tyres mean?

Here's the inside story behind the “four handprints” connecting you to the road. Let's talk materials, tread, and sidewall markings...

Hybrid technology explained

Wondering what all the different type of hybrids do? Wonder no more. Here's a breakdown of the electrified vehicles you'll see in 2020.

Manual, automatic, dual-clutch, and continuously variable transmissions explained

Ever wondered why there are so many different types of 'automatic' transmission out there? Here's a rundown on the different types.

ANCAP ratings: everything you need to know

Most cars sold in Australia today have an ANCAP safety rating. But what is ANCAP and what do these ratings mean?