A company based in the United States has converted a 1971 Mk3 Mini Cooper S to electric power, thanks to a transplant from a Tesla.

    The Super Cooper EV uses a Tesla Model S powertrain, bumping its power output up from 29kW to 300hp (223kW) – when in Sport Mode.

    The build is a joint effort by Gildred Racing and UK-based Electric Classic Cars, which has supplied the DIY bolt-in conversion kit.

    On Gildred Racing’s website, the company is currently advertising one of these converted Minis with an asking pricing of US$120,000 (AU$180,669).

    The original engine was replaced with the front motor of a Tesla Model S. The Mini now has three lithium batteries for capacity of 31kWh in total, and Gildred Racing claiming the electrified Mini has 150 miles (241km) of range.

    The ad says the Mini Cooper comes with its original Riviera Blue with Grey Roof paintwork, Cooper S 7.5-inch brake discs with Mini Fin Alloy rear drums, and its original dashboard.

    New additions to the vintage car include Tesla’s regenerative braking system, a hidden MagSafe wireless phone charger, upgraded performance suspension and a ‘reimagined’ yellow, brown and grey chequered interior.

    The company has replaced the fuel filler spout with an electric charging port. It appears the vehicle has a North American J1772 (Type 1) port which only supports AC charging.

    The vehicle now weighs an additional 200 pounds (90kg), thanks to a combination of batteries and its electric motor.

    According to the YouTube video posted by the company, the battery is capable of charging from 0-100 per cent in just six hours.

    The Mini, since being converted, has reportedly traveled 300 miles (482km).

    It’s understood the car was converted towards the end of 2022 and is still for sale.

    Gildred Racing specialise in restoring classic Mini Coopers.

    The company offers its customers a wide range of body styles, including a wagon, a ute, and a van.

    One the company’s better known cars was featured on the TV show Netflix’s Fastest Car.

    The 1974 Mk3 Mini Cooper had its original engine removed to make way for a rear-mounted Acura V6 engine that produces 500hp (372kW). It’s capable of completing 0-60mph (96km/h) in four seconds.

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