The racetrack formerly known as Wakefield Park is set to reopen by mid-2024 with a new name, following a legal blow that resulted in the facility being closed indefinitely.

    Wakefield Park, which is located near Goulburn, New South Wales, will now be called One Raceway, with the roadmap to reopen the facility approved by the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.

    Earlier this year a new owner, Steve Shelley, officially took over ownership of the racetrack formerly known as Wakefield Park, which had been closed to the public since September 1, 2022. It was previously owned by the Benalla Auto Club.

    Mr Shelley also owns the nearby Pheasant Wood Circuit, which was formerly known as the Marulan Driver Training Centre.

    As part of the reopening process, there are some modifications that are currently underway to the race track in order to make it comply with noise level and safety regulations.

    There’s a new southern wall that’s claimed to be almost complete, as well as a northern wall which is currently being constructed.

    These walls are claimed to not only act as barriers that keep the noise levels under the cap of 95dB, but they’ll also act as vantage points for spectators.

    After consultations with Motorsport Australia and Motorcycling Australia, there are also going to be revamped pit exits, improved track corners, “international-grade” light panels, and advanced timing systems.

    Other changes and modifications include a complete circuit resurfacing, “advanced” drainage system, and a resurfaced paddock.

    Another move that’s currently in the works is modifying the race track so it’s able to be run in either direction. If this is finalised and completed, One Raceway will become the first dual-direction circuit in Australia.

    In order to make this comply with safety regulations, there are currently works underway to increase the radius of turn 10, as well as upgrade turns one and two.

    As previously reported, a legal dispute between Wakefield Park’s previous owner, the Benalla Auto Club, and the Goulburn Mulwaree Council led to the New South Wales Land and Environment Court enforcing conditions that in the end led to the track’s closure in September 2022.

    These conditions included noise limits that only allowed the race track to operate events with a noise level up to 95dB, and for no longer than one day. There also had to be 11 “respite days” with no “motorsport activity”.

    Residents in nearby towns had complained about noise from the race track since 2006, according to the court filing, with some homeowners arguing loud engines and screeching tyres are detrimental to their mental health.

    Wakefield Park had been operating under event noise restrictions established in 1993, when the original consent to run a motorsports facility was handed down.

    The new owner of the race track formerly known as Wakefield Park claims the conditions enforced by the NSW Land and Environment Court were rescinded before they took acquisition, and have now reverted to the 1993 guidelines.

    They claim there have been provisions specified within the guidelines which include implementing a detailed operational schedule and constructing noise abatement walls.

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    Jack Quick

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