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VFACTS: Audi Q3 outsells Mitsubishi ASX, sets monthly sales record

Audi's premium compact SUV outsold a number of mainstream models in March, setting a monthly sales record in the process.

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James Wong
James Wong
Production Editor

No, that’s not a typo.

March saw a whole lotta growth for numerous car brands and nameplates in Australia, and the latest Audi Q3 proved to be a hit.

With 852 units sold last month, the Audi Q3 range (including Sportback and RSQ3 models) saw massive monthly growth of 235.4 per cent.

It even outsold several mainstream nameplates, one being the once top-selling Mitsubishi ASX (835 units, down 49.2 per cent).

Some 1590 units have found Australian homes to the end of March, meaning the Audi Q3 is up 87.9 per cent year to date (YTD) and owns 27.1 per cent of the premium small SUV segment.

Further, if you factor in sales of the slightly smaller Q2 (119 units, up 63.0 per cent) which is due for a facelift shortly and set to be bolstered by a new SQ2 performance variant, Audi owned 42.2 per cent of premium small SUV sales in March and 33.5 per cent YTD – equating to one in three sales.

The second best-seller in the premium small SUV class was the Volvo XC40 (416 units, up 158.4 per cent), which even with strong growth in March managed less than half the Q3’s volume.

Mainstream nameplates that couldn’t match the Q3’s sales volume in March also included the Honda HR-V (734 units, down 22.4 per cent) and Kia Seltos (743 units, up 13.4 per cent).

Speaking with CarExpert, an Audi Australia spokesperson said the company has been battling supply restrictions and freight delays in recent months.

While March earned some standout results as a bulk of deliveries arrived, Audi’s local arm is expecting further supply fluctuations in the months ahead.

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James Wong
James Wong

James Wong is the Production Editor at CarExpert.

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