An updated version of the flagship Tesla Model 3 Performance has appeared in certification documents in Europe, suggesting it’s on its way soon.

    When the updated Tesla Model 3 electric sedan was revealed earlier this month it was only shown off in single-motor RWD and dual-motor Long Range guises.

    The mention of an updated Model 3 Performance appeared on an European Type Certificate issued by Dutch vehicle authority “RDW”, as shared by TFF Forum and picked up by Drive Tesla Canada.

    The Model 3 Performance now has a ‘T’ as the 8th digit of the VIN, which identifies the type of motor/drive unit in the vehicle. The outgoing model for context has ‘L’ as the 8th digit of the VIN.

    It’s unclear if the changing from ‘L’ to ‘T’ means anything, but the Model S and Model X Plaid models in Europe also have the letter ‘T’ as the 8th digit of the VIN.

    The filing continues to list the updated Model 3 Performance as having a dual-motor setup, unlike the tri-motor setups in the Model S and Model X Plaid.

    Unverified reports speculate one of the electric motors, potentially the front, will be upgraded to the same one that is found in the high-performance Model S and Model X Plaid.

    The outgoing Tesla Model 3 Performance is powered by a dual-motor setup with an undisclosed system output. It has a claimed 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.3 seconds.

    At this stage we’re yet to see what the updated Model 3 Performance will look like, nor when it will be revealed and go into production.

    As previously reported, a number of owners in the Tesla Owners Australia Facebook group have said their orders for a Model 3 Performance have been cancelled.

    “Unfortunately, Performance is not currently available, and we are unable to complete your Model 3 order,” says a message from Tesla shared on the group.

    Customers are instead being asked to choose another vehicle and being offered “priority matching”.

    The new Tesla Model 3 is available to order now in Australia. The Model 3 RWD is priced from $61,900 before on-roads (+$4500), while the Model 3 Long Range is $71,900 before on-roads (+$500).

    Both models will start arriving locally between January and March 2024.

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    Jack Quick

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