Nissan has an array of cars and concepts planned for January’s Tokyo Auto Salon, including a “mass-market” Nissan Z customised edition.

    Fittingly the Fairlady Z (as it’s called in Japan) on show is the production version of the concept unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.

    Additions included new orange body paint with black highlights and a subtle body kit. The concept also had new aluminium alloy wheels and spoiler, as well as brash overfenders and white-labelled tyres.

    While light on details, the road version appears to go without the latter two features. This Fairlady Z customized edition appears to be something to tide over fans until the Nismo Z arrives with performance upgrades.

    What else is Nissan preparing for the Auto Salon?

    One reveal will be a blinged-up version of the new X-Trail called the X-Trail Autech, with new 20-inch wheels and white leather seats.

    There will also be a Nismo version of the JDM Note small hatchback using a 100kW and 300Nm e-Power series-hybrid drivetrain with handling upgrades.

    There will also be a modified Nissan Caravan van, with four portable power packs consisting of rechargeable batteries from the Nissan Leaf EV and solar panels, making it a preview of a future power base workhorse.

    Interestingly there will also be a refreshed, second-hand Cube – a model that ended production in 2019. “This concept emerged from a project to enhance the appeal of used cars,” Nissan added.

    Additional show cars will include an Autech version of the all-new Serena people-mover, the Motul Autech Z Super GT GT500 race car, and a concept stretched version of the Roox kei car.

    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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