Toyota Australia has confirmed it will see unprecedented improvements to new vehicle stock availability for the remainder of this year.

    The company’s vice president of sales, marketing and franchise relations, Sean Hanley, said wait times are set to dramatically decrease.

    “The momentum began to shift in the second quarter of this year when dealer throughput was 25 per cent higher than that of the first quarter,” said Mr Hanley.

    “And now that we’re well into the second half of the year, I can tell you, it’s only going to get better. And by better, I’m talking about our ability to reduce wait times for our loyal and indeed patient customers.

    “Last month, we delivered an August record of 22,321 vehicles, breaking a mark that was set 16 years ago. And let me tell you, this result was not a one off.”

    Despite repeated production interruptions at various factories, Toyota says supply is looking considerably better for our market.

    “We’ve been able to secure substantial production for the rest of the year and well into 2024. In fact, we expect to average more than 20,000 vehicles a month for the balance of 2023,” said Mr Hanley.

    “In other words, we expect to supply more vehicles to customers in the last five months of the year than we did in the first seven months of this year.

    “We’re on track to eliminate the wait for 225,000 plus customers, which is substantially better than we expected six months ago.

    “Based on what we know today, July to December will be our biggest second-half ever. And it’s shaping up as the best half-year in Toyota’s history.”

    Mr Hanley said the HiLux is one such example of decreased wait times, with the ute range now “closer to four months” wait time, rather than the 6-12 months, or more, of the past few years.

    He said the HiLux will sell “more than 50,000 units” for the fourth straight year in 2023, but it seems that the number will be considerably less than last year’s record 64,391 units.

    The brand says the new GR Sport model is set to have a flexible annual supply allocation of 3500 units, and Mr Hanley said the company is hopeful that the new model will largely add incremental volume over the existing range, offering customers a “halo” option that is very different to the Rogue model.

    Toyota has also confirmed that there is no such relief for LandCruiser 70 Series customers, with wait times still up to two years for most variants.

    “We’re only interested in milestones and records to the extent that they contribute to happier customers and shorter wait times. We’re also fortunate to have a swag of positive new model news that will boost the Toyota franchise next year,” he said, with news of a 48-volt HiLux, new-generation Prado, right-hand drive Tundra and plenty of other enhancements due in 2024.

    In August 2023, Toyota’s HiLux accounted for 5762 units, just two registrations more than the Ford Ranger (5760). So far in 2023, Toyota has sold 41,401 examples of the HiLux.

    Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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