One car is stolen each 12 minutes in Australia and one in 120 people will fall victim to car crime this year.

    In addition to breaking into a home, car thieves are now able to relay the signal emitted from modern car keys to unlock and start your vehicle.

    This means that in some cases, if you keep your keys near your front door, a thief can use a tool to relay the signal from your key to unlock and start the vehicle without needing to even break into your home.

    So, how do you prevent something like this happening? You need a protective bag or box that prevents your key’s signal from being emitted, which will stop your car from being stolen without the physical key.

    This protective bag or box is called a Faraday Bag or a Faraday Box and we’ve shortlisted the best 3 options that are affordable and available to protect your key from a relay attack.

    Faraday bag for single key (from $13.42):

    Large Faraday Box for multiple keys:

    Large Faraday Box with two smaller bags for multiple keys:

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    By placing your key inside one of these devices, you’ll prevent it from being used as a relay to access your car.

    While they won’t prevent somebody breaking into your home, they will deter opportunistic thieves from taking or unlocking your car from under your nose.

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