Tesla to allow other cars to use its Supercharger network

Tesla’s Supercharger network was designed and built for Tesla and Tesla alone. Now things are changing.

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Zak Adkins
Zak Adkins

For the first time, Tesla will make its Superchargers available to other automakers.

According to Electrek, Tesla has been in talks with officials in Norway to open its ultra-fast superchargers to the public there by September 2022.

The German minister of transport also confirmed earlier in 2021 Tesla was in talks to open its Supercharger network in Germany to other automakers.

CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter back in December 2020 that Tesla Superchargers were being made more accessible.

“It’s kind of low key. Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars,” Musk said.

Allowing other electric vehicles to use Tesla’s network would be a straightforward process. In Europe, Tesla Superchargers use the universal CCS connector which would fit the majority of electric cars on the market.

In fact, owners in Europe recently found a bug where they could charge their EV for free through the Tesla Supercharger network.

Cars such as the VW ID.3 and Hyundai Kona Electric were able to charge without paying a cent to Tesla.

Superchargers in North America, however, are different. Other automakers would have to use a Tesla adapter to use the Supercharger network.

At this stage, it appears that Europe will be the starting point for this introduction.

By opening the door to other automakers, Tesla would be helping to accelerate EV infrastructure and development and making it easier for electric car owners to charge them.

Tesla currently has over 25,000 superchargers globally at more than 2,500 locations.

Compatible exclusively with Tesla vehicles, Superchargers in Australia can currently charge at a peak rate of 120kW.

Overseas, Tesla has introduced V3 Superchargers that can charge more than twice as fast, with a peak rate of 250kW.

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Zak Adkins
Zak Adkins
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