US deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck have been paused for one week, following the discovery of a fault which could cause the electric pickup to accelerate when the pedal isn’t being pressed.

    Tesla fan account Whole Mars Catalog reported the news on social media platform X – formerly known as Twitter – saying Cybertruck deliveries had been paused for seven days “due to an issue with the accelerator pedal”.

    Multiple Tesla Cybertruck buyers who are awaiting the delivery of their electric pickups have also reported being contacted about the delay, though the electric vehicle (EV) specialist hasn’t made a formal comment as it doesn’t have a public relations division.

    A video posted to TikTok by user el.chepito1985 prior to the stop-sale details what the fault may be.

    @el.chepito1985 serious problem with my Cybertruck and potential all Cybertrucks #tesla #cyberbeast #cybertruck #stopsale #recall ♬ original sound – el.chepito

    It appears the accelerator pedal’s metal cover can come loose while the pedal is being depressed. This can cause the cover to slide forward and prevent the pedal from returning to its normal position when the driver lifts their foot.

    With the pedal still depressed, the Cybertruck will continue to accelerate even though the driver is expecting it to slow down.

    Though this can be overridden by pressing and holding the brake pedal, once it’s released the power will return.

    While unintended acceleration is dangerous in any vehicle, the Cybertruck has up to 630kW of power in tri-motor Cyberbeast guise, good for a 0-100km/h time of 2.7 seconds. It also weighs 3107kg.

    The Cybertruck’s stop-sale comes just two months after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into the Tesla Model Y electric SUV and Model 3 sedan, following 2400 complaints about a loss of power steering assistance.

    Owners have reported their power steering system would stop working, causing them to exert more force to turn the steering wheel, or being unable to due to the extra weight.

    Multiple owners have had their steering racks replaced but the fault has persisted.

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