A software fault is being blamed for this Tesla Cybertruck accelerating and crashing into a nearby house, becoming the latest reported issue with the electric pickup.

    In a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Cybertruck owner @bfreshwa claims he crashed into a house after the electric pickup’s accelerator became engaged.

    The Tesla driver claims the throttle and steering were unresponsive, even as he slammed the brake pedal to the floor, which traditionally cuts power to the wheels in a majority of cars with drive-by-wire throttles.

    With the rear brakes locked but the front wheels continuing to be driven, the Cybertruck left a pair of 15-metre long skid marks in its wake.

    In his tweet, the owner mentioned that the vehicle had only been on the road for a total of four hours.

    Tesla was subsequently contacted, but the owner was reportedly advised to deal with his insurance company to cover the damage costs.

    “We have reviewed logs and due to the terrain the accelerator may or may not disengage when the brake is depressed,” a Tesla representative allegedly told him.

    Further into the X thread, he also posted surveillance footage showing the vehicle accelerating towards the house.

    While it’s unclear what led to the fault, it may have been software-related due to not only the unintended acceleration but inability for the application of the brake pedal to cut power to the electric motor.

    It’s not the first time there have been issues with the polarising pickup.

    Just two months ago, Tesla discovered a fault which could cause the Cybertruck’s metal accelerator pedal cover to come loose while the pedal is being depressed, causing the cover to slide forward and prevent the pedal from returning to its normal position.

    This was addressed in a subsequent recall, and is understood to be unrelated to this most recent crash.

    Less than a month ago, a new Cybertruck owner had their wrist cut by its sharp body panels.

    When the owner noticed a smudge on its tailgate, they attempted to wipe it off, but their wrist was cut by the rear quarter panel which required medical attention.

    As the Tesla Cybertruck is exclusively built in left-hand drive, it’s not sold in Australia, despite a demonstrator vehicle currently being shown off around the carmaker’s local showrooms.

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