The Tesla Cybertruck’s reputation for being poorly built hasn’t improved after a new owner of the electric pickup allegedly had their wrist cut by its sharp body panels.

    A post by user ‘bdesign’ on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum details the day he took delivery of his electric pickup, with the experience off to a poor start.

    The Tesla owner claims its windscreen was dirty to the point of not being able to see when the sun was shining on it, its exterior surface showed signs of “rail dust rust spots” – an issue already flagged by other Cybertruck owners – and its tonneau cover’s rubber seal was loose.

    Things were about to get worse though, when an attempt by the owner to clean off a smear on the Cybertruck’s tailgate led to his wrist being cut by the rear quarter panel, resulting in a trip to hospital.

    We won’t include the image in this post, but if you want to see the extent of the injury you can do so by clicking here – just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    It’s not the first quality concern we’ve seen regarding the Cybertruck, with owners groups rife with complaints about shoddy fitment of panels.

    A recall of the electric pickup was announced last month, after multiple owners documented instances of their accelerator pedal covers coming loose.

    This could cause the pedal to become jammed after it had been engaged, increasing the risk of a crash as drivers would be caught unaware of the electric pickup not slowing down.

    The recall bulletin showed the pedal cover will be secured by Tesla technicians installing a rivet towards the bottom of the pedal, hopefully preventing it from sliding up again.

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