The price of Tesla’s Premium Connectivity has been cut from $16.99 to only $9.99 per month, just five days after its introduction Down Under.

    The move comes after the Australian Tesla Owners group tweeted Tesla CEO Elon Musk arguing “$204 a year is a bit rich for what is offered.”

    Musk replied on the same day: “You’re right, will fix.”

    Premium Connectivity allows Tesla owners to access features using the car’s built-in SIM card data, without relying on Wi-Fi.

    These include live traffic updates, satellite-view maps, video streaming, karaoke, Spotify music streaming, and Internet browser applications on the infotainment system.

    The initial $16.99 a month outlay was a fairly straight conversion from US pricing at $9.99 per month.

    Owners also expressed their concerns with Tesla’s website mis-communicating how long Premium Connectivity was included. 

    The language on the ordering site has since been clarified; however, the support page describing the subscription service is still somewhat unclear.

    Premium Connectivity is offered free on newly-purchased Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus models for only 30 days.

    On models with Tesla’s Premium Interior – which includes the higher-end Model 3 Long Range and Performance, and all Tesla Model S and Model X cars – the Premium Connectivity trial lasts one year.

    After the trial ends, owners can subscribe to Premium Connectivity using the Tesla mobile application.

    However, Premium Interior Tesla’s ordered on or before June 30, 2019, come with an unlimited subscription.

    Even without Premium Connectivity, Tesla’s Autopilot safety system, traffic aware navigation, and delivery of software updates are unaffected. Owners can still access most Internet-enabled applications through a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Henry Man
    Henry Man is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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