Suzuki Australia is preparing to install new 9.0-inch touchscreens into most cars arriving from next month, helping improve supply amid the global semiconductor crunch.

Most vehicles excluding the Jimny Lite and Swift Sport are to be fitted with the new screen – bigger than Suzuki’s existing 7.0-inch unit – that’ll be fitted and tested here before dealer network distribution.

Update 11/10/21: Suzuki has supplied images of the new head unit, which we’ve now added.

There’s no end date for this plan, meaning for the foreseeable future Suzuki cars will receive their head units after rolling off ships. It’s a tactic to secure greater supply from factories short on computer chips that power various functions – including the touchscreens.

We understand the locally sourced new unit will wear no branding and vehicles fitted with it will be referenced to as MY22. We don’t know all the details just yet.

The screen won’t have integrated satellite-navigation like the current smaller unit, but will retain Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Its resolution and speed are also better, the company says.

“A large percentage was impacted by the chip shortage and we’ve found a solution in Australia and New Zealand to counter that with these new units that are fitted and tested at port by Suzuki, prior to dealer network distribution,” Suzuki Australia general manager Michael Pachota confirmed to CarExpert this week.

Mr Pachota said his team fought to retain existing pricing, so we’re not expecting it to pass on any excess costs from the start.

The Suzuki Australia arrangement is nationwide, with Suzuki’s distributors in Queensland and New Zealand also set to take the locally fitted screen solution.

Written by Mike Costello and William Stopford

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