Toyota has shed more light on the 10 electric vehicles (EVs) it has previously confirmed it will launch by 2026, by which time it aims to be selling 1.5 million pure-electric vehicles globally.

    CEO Koji Sato previewed Toyota’s EV rollout in a briefing announcing the company’s financial results for the 2023 fiscal year.

    The company released a teaser image of a five-door fastback wearing a Lexus badge, featuring a steeply raked bonnet and roofline, and particularly angular details at the rear.

    Additionally, in a slide listing the EVs it currently offers across the Toyota and Lexus brands – the Toyota bZ3, bZ4X and Proace van and Lexus UX300e and RZ450e – the automaker previewed the fleet of EVs it’s planning to launch.

    The recently revealed HiLux Revo BEV concept is depicted, labelled IMV BEV, as are the bZ Sport Crossover and bZ FlexSpace concepts that preview new models for China due in 2024.

    The HiLux Revo BEV concept was revealed last December in Thailand, though Toyota didn’t publish any of its specifications. Toyota has said it plans to introduce electric utes for Asia and other emerging markets.

    Shadowy silhouettes of a sedan and wagon are depicted in the Luxury section, while a coupe appears in Sports.

    It’s unclear whether the silhouette represents the previously revealed Lexus Electrified Sport, a successor to the old LFA, or the Toyota Sports EV revealed as a spiritual successor of sorts to the old MR-2.

    Both were revealed among a diverse range of 16 electric concepts late in 2021, which included what appeared to be a mid-sized Lexus sedan and wagon that appeared to be successors for the current IS, as well as an electric convertible.

    The fleet in this week’s presentation materials is rounded out by “Compact Cars for Emerging Markets”, which haven’t been teased.

    Toyota says the upcoming EVs will be launched “mainly” in the United States and China.

    It says all vehicles scheduled for launch in 2026 will use new chassis, electronic and software platforms and will be developed and produced under the newly established BEV Factory division.

    Toyota says it will present concept vehicles at this year’s Japan Mobility Show, former called the Tokyo motor show, that will preview the upcoming EVs. It runs from October 26 to November 5.

    The company has continued its commitment to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, with Sato-san saying Toyota “will focus on the use of hydrogen energy for personal mobility and on the cycle of producing, transporting and using hydrogen”.

    It’s also tapping its extensive range of hybrid vehicles to help strengthen its earning base in Asia and emerging markets, which it says are expected to grow by 30 per cent of more by 2030.

    It hasn’t announced plans to transition its eponymous brand to an all-electric line-up, though Lexus will go EV-only by 2035 and aims to be selling one million EVs annually by 2030.

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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