Porsche will launch a facelifted 911, complete with an available hybrid drivetrain, in the middle of 2024.

    We’ve seen plenty of updated 911 prototypes running around the streets and tracks of Germany, with our spy photography agency snapping its most recent photos in January.

    Until last night, though, we didn’t know when the so-called ‘992.2’ update would be launched.

    Porsche confirmed overnight a “product upgrade of the 911 is planned for early [European] summer – including a high-performance hybrid drive”.

    Unfortunately, the German sports car maker didn’t go into any details about the 911 hybrid or the facelift.

    A report late last year in Car and Driver indicated the hybrid system, potentially branded T-HEV, will have a small electric motor up front, driving the front wheels, and producing between 60kW and 67kW.

    The electric motor is reportedly powered by a small 2.0kWh battery pack that’s recharged via regenerative braking, and by the petrol engine. There’s also an integrated starter-generator for the petrol engine, while the 400V electrical system is designed for rapid charge and discharge.

    Rimac, which is 45 per cent owned by Porsche, is claimed to have developed the hybrid system that weighs a mere 27kg.

    Out back there’s a specially tuned 3.0-litre turbocharged flat-six engine making around 295kW. Total power output will reportedly be around 354kW.

    It’s said that Porsche is working on a more powerful version of the hybrid drivetrain, with around 388kW, to slot in between GTS and Turbo models.

    As for the facelift itself, the spy photos indicate Porsche will stay true to form, and introduce various minor visual updates, including new bumpers, redesigned intakes and vents, tweaked lighting designs, and exhaust tips that are pushed in-board.

    Photos published elsewhere show the interior will gain a fully digital instrumentation display, replacing the current setup which has an analog tachometer flanked by a pair of screens.

    According to Autocar, the volume-selling models in the range will have updated versions of the 3.0-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder boxer engine.

    Its possible top-end models could use a new 3.6-litre turbo engine in place of the current 3.7-litre unit, while the GTS may replace its 3.0-litre engine with the naturally aspirated 4.0-litre six.

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