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Podcast: Why we bought the cars we bought

We are massive car guys, but our taste in cars couldn't be any more different. In this episode, we talk about the cars we've bought and why.

1 month ago
Paul Maric
Managing Editor

The third episode of the Founders Podcast looks at the cars we bought, and why we bought them.

A lot of motoring journalists don’t own cars – or if they do, they rarely drive them. That’s why people are often surprised to hear that we own a bunch of random cars, and that our tastes are totally different.

In this podcast episode we talk about the cars we owned before CarAdvice, new cars we’ve bought, and the used cars we’ve acquired since selling the old business.

To cap things off, we thought we’d include a gallery of our cars at the bottom of this article so you have something to flick through.

Let us know what you think, which car you’d like to drive away in, and which topics you’d like to hear us cover in future episodes.

This is a long episode and as always is uncensored, so grab a beer, or a coffee, or any other refillable drink and enjoy!

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