Some design elements from the just-unveiled Z, and possibly a new design language, could begin cropping up in new Nissan vehicles in the not-too-distant future.

    During our wide-ranging chat with design chief Alfonso Albaisa, we floated the idea that the Z is a stylistic island, separate to the rest of the range.

    The design boss countered the Z is “not a thing unto itself”.

    ]While “it stands apart… there’s cars coming maybe, say, something different in about a year and a half”.

    He didn’t divulge which models or type of vehicles will be the first to see the Z’s influence.

    We’re confident, though, Z-infused styling won’t be appearing in Nissan’s upcoming electric vehicles.

    Albaisa said the firm is intentionally playing with “different languages”, and “definitely electric cars will have a different attitude”.

    He noted the “Ariya has much more of this Japanese zen type of thing, and [the Z] is celebrating ICE cars”.

    Asked if the use of different styling themes for EVs was driven by the underlying architectures, he responded: “They are in a way, but it’s mostly choice. We could make [EVs] look like this [the Z], but it doesn’t feel right.”

    Although Nissan was a pioneer in the mainstream EV game with the Leaf launched in 2010, it has fallen behind key rivals in expanding its electric range.

    The company is preparing for sales of its Ariya crossover to begin next year, and it has developed two dedicated EV platforms with its Alliance partner Renault.

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