The next-generation Nissan Micra will be an all-electric look at how the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s latest “leader-follower” system will work.

    Yesterday the Alliance outlined its plan to roll out 35 electric vehicles by 2030 spread across five different platforms.

    One of these architectures is CMF B-EV, which we already knew will serve as the basis of the retro-inspired Renault 5 light car.

    Yesterday the automakers confirmed the next-generation Nissan Micra will also use that architecture.

    During the presentation Nissan’s chief operating officer Ashwani Gupta was keen to point out the new Micra “will be designed by Nissan and engineered and manufactured by Renault using our new common platform, maximising the use of our Alliance assets while maintaining its Nissan-ness”.

    From the teaser issued by Nissan, the new Micra will differ quite significantly from the Renault 5, in styling terms at least.

    The Micra will feature softer lines, a more flowing silhouette, and circular driving lights recalling the round headlights employed by three generations of the car.

    It also has round tail-lights, a chunky — possibly tall — body, and five doors.

    When the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announced its “leader-follower” model in mid-2020, where one automaker would be designated as the lead company responsible for most of the heavy lifting in a particular region.

    Under this system it was feared the Alliance would rely primarily on badge engineering to support to prop up follower brands.

    That, at least on the face of yesterday’s presentation, may not be the case. We don’t know when the new Micra will emerge, but it will likely be after the Renault 5 hits the market in 2024.

    At present there are two vehicles using the Micra or March badge.

    There’s an updated version of the ‘K13’ Micra that was available in Australia until 2016. This car, trivia geeks will love, was sold briefly in India as the Renault Pulse with a single-frame-style grille.

    For some markets, primarily Mexico, the K13 Micra been updated new angular headlights and the company’s signature V-motion grille design.

    In Europe there’s a completely different Micra based on the Renault Clio.

    While the Clio and Euro Micra share a platform and are built in the same Renault factory, the Nissan has a unique interior and exterior that dumps the Renault’s soft flowing lines for sharper and edgier details that are in line with what’s offered with the American Sentra and Altima sedans.

    It’s this model the Micra EV will replace when it’s released.

    Derek Fung

    Derek Fung would love to tell you about his multiple degrees, but he's too busy writing up some news right now. In his spare time Derek loves chasing automotive rabbits down the hole. Based in New York, New York, Derek loves to travel and is very much a window not an aisle person.

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