Looking for a dash cam to give you optimum visibility come day or night? The Nextbase 622GW might just be the dash cam you’ve been waiting for. 

    We have conducted our independent research review by looking into real buyer feedback – looking at exactly what customers like and dislike about the Nextbase 622GW dash cam.

    We considered all the critical details:

    • Image quality
    • Storage
    • Ease of installation
    • Wireless connectivity
    • GPS
    • Built-in-display
    • Bonus features

    Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam features & specifications

    • Resolution: 4K @ 30fps, 1440 @ 60fps, 1080 HD @ 120fps
    • Digital Image Stabilisation: Yes
    • Night Vision: Yes, Enhanced Night vision
    • What3Words: Yes
    • Intelligent Parking Mode: Yes
    • Alexa: Built-in
    • Viewing Angle: 140˚
    • Module Compatibility: Rear Window Cam, Car Rear View Camera, Cabin View Cam
    • Screen: 3” HD IPS Touch screen
    • Wifi: QuickLink Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth: Yes – Bluetooth 5.0
    • GPS: 10Hz
    • Energy Response: Yes
    • Polarising Filter: Built-in
    • Lens: 6 layer f1.3
    • What’s in the box: Click&Go PRO GPS Mount, Power Cable Fitting Tool, Spare 3M Adhesive Pad, USB Cable, Car Power Cable

    Where can I buy and find the best deal on the Nextbase 622GW dash cam?

    Amazon: For $438

    Catch: For $439

    What do buyer reviews tell us about the Nextbase 622GW?

    Buyers enjoyed its overall design the most. In several reviews, buyers talked up the smooth image quality and the convenience, and it’s the only dash cam to use What3Words and Alexa. One of its most noticeable features loved by buyers was its crisp video quality when in night mode, so you can see all the finer details.

     On the downside, some buyers reported that its mounting brackets failed repeatedly, leading to the camera getting damaged. For optimal use, customers are also required to use a Nextbase SD card in the dash cam, which didn’t sit well with a few of them.

    Reasons to buy

    • Optimises your car’s safety through multiple features like parking mode, enhanced night vision, and extreme weather mode
    • Uses advanced preventative technology with What3Words to ensure your exact coordinates can be found even without a data connection for up to 3m
    • Has brilliant 4k recording that gives you a crystal-clear image

    Reasons to avoid

    • Expensive compared to other options on the market
    • Wireless connection with the app is inconsistent, with some buyers reporting occasional dropout.

    Who should buy the Nextbase 622GW dash cam?

    Reasons to buy the Nextbase 622GW dash cam are for added safety, crystal clear footage and simplicity and functionality. With What3Words integrated, it can pinpoint your exact location, making it easier for emergency services to find you. 

    With 4K footage and the ability to playback recordings in 120fps slow motion, you’ll never miss a hit-and-run situation, and insurance companies will have all the evidence they need to process your claim.

    Set videos to record automatically with impact detection via voice control or by simply pressing the record button on the back of the device. It’s convenient and makes recording easy.

    Who should avoid the Nextbase 622GW dash cam?

    Avoid this item if you don’t enjoy smartphone apps and frustrating wireless connections. While the 622GW does offer a wireless connection,  it can be inconsistent at times. Avoid the 622GW if you’re in the market for a rear-window camera. 

    Nextbase does offer add-ons that incorporate a rear-window camera, but at extra cost. Instead, you could purchase a less expensive rear camera module and save on the extra expenditure.

    Lastly, don’t get the 622GW if you prefer something small and inconspicuous. While the Next622GW isn’t considered a massive camera, the 3” touch screen and camera make it stand out when stuck on your windscreen.

    What is the Nextbase 622GW image quality like?

    Nextbase 622Gw’s image quality is crisp and clear, even at night. With a 4K sensor that shoots at 30fps, you’re able to pull high-quality images of incidents with clarity. 

    What is the resolution of the 622GW dash cam?

    The 622GW records at 4K-30fps resolution. This puts it on par with devices like GoPro and DJI. 4K equals roughly 8.2 million pixels per frame, giving you crisp and clear video consistently.

    What is the field of view of the 622GW dash cam?

    The 622GW has a 140˚ field of view. Placed on the dash or windshield, its field of view will cover most of the surrounding area in front of the car.

    What are the frame rates of the 622GW dash cam?

    The 622GW dash cam shoots in 4K @ 30fps, 1440 @ 60fps, 1080 HD @ 120fps.

    How good is the night vision on the Nextbase 622GW?

    The night vision on the 622GW is exceptionally good. In low-light conditions, the 622GW picks up even the smallest details.

    What storage capabilities does the Nextbase 622GW have?

    The Nextbase 622GW is compatible with 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB U3 microSD cards. Nextbase recommends using their microSD cards for the best performance.

    How easy is the Nextbase 622GW dash to use?

    The Nextbase 622GW is made with convenience in mind. It has a 3” touchscreen from which you can set up and access all your settings. With Alexa built-in, you can start and stop recording with ease. There’s also the mobile phone app from which you can fully control your camera.

    How do you install the Nextbase 622GW dash cam?

    Follow these instructions to set up your Nextbase 622GW:

    1. Remove 622GW from its box.
    2. Using the supplied USB cable, charge the dash cam for two hours.
    3. While you wait, download the MyNextbase Connect app from the Play Store or App Store.
    4. Insert your Nextbase microSD card into the device.
    5. Place the mount in the desired location. Insert the power cable into the mount.
    6. Run the power cable around the seams of the windshield and pull it through the click&go mount to plug it in. 
    7. Position the dash cam to face the right direction.
    8. When the device turns on, follow the onscreen instructions
    9. Adjust the polarising to reduce any glare

    Your Nextbase 622GW is now set up and ready to be used.

    What mounting options does the Nextbase 622GW have?

    The Nextbase 622Gw uses a Click&Go Pro™ mount, which has a 3M adhesive pad at its base as a fitting method. The mount sticks to the windshield. To attach the camera to the mount, magnetic power mounts are used. With the intense strength of neodymium magnets, the camera and mount just click together.

    Does the Nextbase 622GW dash have wireless connectivity?

    Yes, the Nextbase 622GW has dual 2.6GHz and 5GHz wifi connectivity.

    Does the Nextbase 622GW dash have GPS?

    The 622GW does have GPS. It is used to accurately record your speed and location data, which is used to process accident data.

    Does the Nextbase 622GW dash offer a built-in display?

    The Nextbase 622GW has a 3” full-colour touchscreen display.

    Does the Nextbase 622GW dash have audio?

    The 622GW does have sound recording capabilities. It clearly records sound within the vehicle and provides options to mute recording if necessary.

    What are some of the best bonus features offered?

    Nextbase 622GW has several great features to offer:

    Intelligent parking mode recording

    Nextbase 622GW doesn’t only record while you’re in the car travelling. With Intelligent parking mode recording, it’ll be on standby while your car is parked, and if it detects an impact, it’ll start recording immediately.

    Emergency SOS response

    In the event of a crash, Nextbase 622GW will attempt to call your mobile device to check if you’re responsive. If you aren’t, it will then proceed to contact emergency services and share your location. It’ll also send emergency services any medical information you have loaded onto the app.

    What3words integration

    Using its own GPS module, What3words can pinpoint your location up to three metres. In conjunction with emergency SOS response, this feature helps these services locate and get to you faster.

    Nextbase 622gw vs. BlackVue DR970X – a popular alternative to consider

    Image quality

    • Both Nextbase 622gw and BlackVue DR970X have a camera that automatically detects light levels
    • Nextbase 622gw has an extreme weather mode that helps you see through the fog and other bad conditions, whereas BlackVue DR970X does not 
    • Both Nextbase 622gw and BlackVue DR970X have 4K/Full HD at 30FPS; however, the BlackVue DR970X automatically adjusts footage quality to provide a clearer view – making it the better option if you are after a camera with higher image quality
    • BlackVue DR970X has a brilliant 155-degree lens and 139-degree rear field of view, while the Nextbase 622gw has a 144-degree lens


    • BlackVue DR970X offers 256GB of storage, whereas Nextbase 622gw supports up to 128GB through a microSD card, which needs to be bought separately. The BlackVue tops Nextbase in this area, too.

    Ease of installation

    • Both dash cams are pretty similar in this area – offering easy installation through adhesive mounting methods

    Wireless connectivity

    • Nextbase 622gw What3Words integration provides your precise global location, even when offline, whereas the BlackVue DR970X requires Wi-Fi or LTE or 400mA/12V for GPS


    • Nextbase 622gw 4k dash cam uses Wi-Fi GPS with the bonus feature What3Words to enhance your experience, while the BlackVue DR970X has a built-in dual-band 2.4GHz GPS (which uses 400mA/12V when disconnected from the cloud)

    Parking mode

    • Both Nextbase 622gw and  BlackVue DR970X have parking mode to keep your car secure even when you’re not around

    Bonus features

    • Nextbase 622gw has Alexa voice control, whereas BlackVue DR970X does not


    • The Nextbase 622gw is slightly cheaper than the BlackVue DR970X and are both great value-for-money dash cams.
    • The Nextbase 622gw Alexa voice control and advanced What3Words features make this a good reason to consider choosing this dash cam over the BlackVue DR970X

    Where can you buy the BlackVue DR970X?

    Amazon: For $853

    Catch: For $799

    Final thoughts on the Nextbase 622GW dash cam

    After looking at buyer reviews and the Nextbase 622GW compared to other dash cams, we have to say we’re pretty impressed. It has superb quality and some intuitive features, and it could be the difference between insurance accepting or denying your claim. Overall, this product looks like a winner.

    Christie Wrey

    Christie is a content writer with a particular interest in automotive and automotive accessories.

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