You might think that a monster truck show would provide added safety measures to keep fans safe from the five-tonne vehicles, but an event in Maine last week proved otherwise.

    On Saturday June 1, two spectators were hospitalised after a monster truck jumped and clipped a power line, dragging several poles down with it, all documented by a bystander and uploaded to YouTube.

    It’s not yet clear whether other spectators were as severely injured, but emergency services quickly arrived at the scene and helped others with minor injuries.

    Marc Hagan, chief of Topsham Police Department, said one spectator was struck and injured by equipment from the fallen utility pole.

    The driver of the ‘Crushstation’ truck involved in the incident – run by the Maine-based Bottom Feeder Motorsports team – was uninjured.

    WMTW interviewed Mike Herson, who was at the truck show with this three-year-old son, who told the outlet: “Everything happened so fast. The transformer came down literally within feet of us.”

    The Drive also spoke with one of its contributors who lives near Topsham Fairground, who told the publication they have stopped visiting the truck show “because there’s nothing separating the trucks from people other than a 70-year-old chainlink fence.”

    Another attendee also told The Drive that she noticed low-hanging wires earlier in the day and moved seats.

    Police and emergency services are still investigating the incident.

    Tyra Lawler-Cass

    Tyra Lawler-Cass is a marketplace journalist based in Sydney, Australia. She studied PR & Social Media and Creative Writing at Macquarie University and has a passion for fast, luxury cars. She loves to travel and is always down to dine out.

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