MG is selling more electric cars in Australia than any brand but Tesla, and its ZS EV is easily the second most popular EV behind the Model 3.

    Industry VFACTS sales data shows that MG has sold 1023 of its low-cost ZS electric small SUVs so far this year, extending its margin since we last checked in.

    The next biggest-selling EVs as recorded by this database are the: Porsche Taycan (445), Hyundai Kona (355), Nissan Leaf (318), Mercedes-Benz EQA (238), and Hyundai Ioniq (206).

    At $44,990 drive-away before rebates the MG is the cheapest EV you can buy, undercutting the drive-away price of the Leaf (using a Victorian postcode) by about $8000 and a Kona Standard Range by about $14,000.

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    MG Australia this week claimed only 10-11 per cent of its ZS EV sales this year were to fleet customers, meaning the majority went to everyday private buyers. A company spokesman added that supply was relatively good.

    The company also just last week revealed an updated ZS EV due here around August or September 2022, with a new nose design, better cabin, and bigger battery options.

    By that time the ZS EV should be lining up against another price-leading Chinese EV, in the form of the BYD Yuan Plus.

    VFACTS has recorded a total of 3568 electric car sales this year, up 191.3 per cent.

    Various States including Victoria and New South Wales have passed or proposed EV rebates of up to $3000 to push along demand, and others have offered tax incentives.

    This figure rightly could have been higher when you consider initial allocations of entrants such as the Volvo XC40 Recharge and Hyundai Ioniq 5 were swiftly snapped up, falling short of demand.

    Unfortunately, these electric car sales figures – the real and the speculative alike – are rendered rather meaningless given Tesla does not disclose its sales data for VFACTS, and it dominates.

    Half way through 2021 the EV Council estimated Tesla had sold 5000 Model 3s to the end of June. If it kept that rate going, this figure would sit at around 7500 to the end of September.

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