Maserati has shed more light on the mid-engined sports car it will use to kickstart a new era, confirming the car’s engine will be designed and built in-house.

    Speculation about where the V6 engine in the MC20 will come from has raged since the car was confirmed last year, with overseas reports suggesting the car could use a Ferrari or Alfa Romeo-derived powerplant.

    The current Maserati range uses an assortment of engines from within the Fiat Chrysler stable.

    Maserati MC20 to debut in-house V6 engine

    The Ghibli sedan is powered by a V6 engine developed by Ferrari. The petrol V6 and V8 options in the larger Quattroporte sedan and Levante crossover also come from the Prancing Horse.

    Diesel-powered Maserati models have engines developed by VM Motori, another Fiat Chrysler subsidiary.

    That’s set to change with the mid-engined MC20, which is pitched as the car to drag Maserati into a new era.

    Maserati MC20 to debut in-house V6 engine

    “The arrival of the MC20 is an important event for the Modena-based company, not only because of the racing comeback, but also because it will be the first car to adopt a new engine 100 per cent designed, developed and produced by Maserati itself,” the brand said in a statement.

    The decision to use an in-house engine is interesting, given Alfa Romeo – also an FCA brand – has the twin-turbo V6 from the Giulia and Stelvio QV.

    With a 2.9-litre displacement it’s compact enough to slot into a small mid-engined vehicle, and reports claim Alfa Romeo engineers have tuned it to deliver an eye-opening 440kW without too much trouble.

    Maserati MC20 to debut in-house V6 engine

    Reports suggest there will be a more powerful Trofeo hybrid down the track, which will add electric motors to the front axle for more power and torque, along with all-wheel drive, raising questions about whether the Alfa Romeo V6 is compatible with the hybrid system.

    Information on the MC20’s chassis is scarce, but rumours suggest the car will use a modified version of the full carbon tub from the Alfa Romeo 4C.

    It will need to be extended and widened to accommodate the MC20’s extra width and length if the spy pics are a guide.

    Maserati MC20 to debut in-house V6 engine

    The latest photos of the MC20 pay homage to Sir Stirling Moss, who passed away in April.

    The legendary British driver never won a Formula 1 world title, but finished second on four occasions, earning him the nickname “king without a crown”.

    Sir Stirling Moss drove for many teams, but labelled the Maserati 250F he raced in 1956 his favourite car.

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