Ford Pro has added some gadgets to its 2024 F-150 Police Responder aimed at increasing the safety of officers.

    According to Government Fleet, the new features include blind-spot monitoring, Police Perimeter Alert, Police Engine Idle and Police Dark Car.

    Police Perimeter Alert will constantly monitor the moving vehicle for potential threats. If sensed it will send an alert to the driver and automatically secure the vehicle.

    The Police Engine Idle feature ensures that if the key is removed from the vehicle, the lights and sirens will remain on.

    Police Dark Car effectively does the opposite. This feature is more of a stealth mode, turning off interior lights and dimming the screens to help avoid detection or unwanted attention during a surveillance exercise.

    The Police Responder also features a “heated sanitisation solution” which will heat the cabin to 56 degrees for 15 minutes to eliminate viral particles.

    Ford Pro – the Blue Oval’s commercial division – has incorporated its Ford Pro Upfit Integration System (UIS).

    This allows the vehicle’s dual 12-inch digital displays to support programmable and customisable options for aftermarket and optional equipment fitted to the pickup.

    In addition to the usual lights and sirens, the Police Responder can be specified with features like spot lamps and inoperable rear door lock, handle and window controls, all available from an aftermarket supplier.

    Ford Pro will offer fleet managers access to Ford Pro Telematics which provides financing, servicing, and software solutions all in one place. It will also provide real-time data on fuel consumption.

    According to Government Fleet, Ford has a 53 per cent share of the US police vehicle market.

    It reports the brand currently has 350,000 of its vehicles in service supporting police, fire, and other emergency services throughout the country.

    In addition to the F-150 Police Responder, it offers the Transit Prisoner Transport van, Expedition SSV, and Explorer-based Police Interceptor.

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