Lexus is getting ready for a ‘brand transformation’ and has teased a concept car that will lead the way.

The luxury brand is unveiling the as-yet unnamed concept on March 30 and these enhanced teaser images suggest it’ll be an electric vehicle, likely on Toyota’s new e-TNGA platform.

By fiddling with the settings on one of the teasers provided overnight, we can see a mass of black plastic where a grille would normally reside.

In order to provide a link with the present, there are creases and highlights recalling today’s spindle grille design, as well as the brand’s familiar L-shaped driving light spears.

The Lexus badge in the centre is now illuminated.

The car’s silhouette shows a fastback shape, and there are indications surfacing should be smoother and less sharp than the majority of Lexus’ current range.

In the first batch of teaser images, which were issued last month, we saw the car’s short rear deck, slim tail-lights, and thin pillars.

Lexus lettering replaced the company’s L-in-a-circle logo at the rear.

Lexus teases EV concept ahead of 'brand transformation'

If Lexus is moving towards a range with more pure electric models, as today’s teasers suggest, it could explain why the brand decided to renew the IS with an extensive reskin rather than an all-new model.

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