Lamborghini’s racing division, Squadra Corse, has tinkered with the Huracan STO to create something even more special.

    The unique Huracan made its debut at the season finale of the one-make Super Trofeo racing series – dubbed the World Finals 2023.

    The STO SC 10° Anniversario is a one-off version of the Huracan STO that has been customised in house by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam and then tweaked by the brand’s racing division, Squadra Corse.

    The Squadra Corse division is responsible for creating Lamborghini’s wild race cars, and it happens to be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

    2023 is also the 10-year anniversary of the World Finals being installed as the finale that follows a season of Super Trofeo.

    So as the STO SC 10° Anniversario is a nod to Lamborghini’s racing department, it’s fitting the car was unveiled at the World Finals 2023.

    The Ad Personam division left no stone unturned when creating the STO SC 10° Anniversario.

    The livery borrows heavily from Lamborghini’s SC63 Le Mans Daytona hybrid (LMDh) endurance racer with contrasting Verde Mantis (green) and Nero Noctis (black) paintwork.

    Tricolour racing stripes run over the bonnet and roof while ‘Squadra Corse 10° Anniversario’ logos adorn the doors and rear fin, celebrating the motorsport division.

    In addition to the specially curated combination of exterior colours, the car wears an optional full carbon-fibre package with red accents.

    Alcantara bucket seats with contrast green stitching and four-point harnesses reside in the cabin along with carbon-fibre floor coverings, an exclusive carbon-fibre plaque and an aluminium roll bar.

    Lamborghini has not only tinkered with the cosmetics of the Huracan for this special model, however – it’s also given the Squadra Corse division access to the mechanics of the car, the first time the division has helped develop a road-legal car.

    The racing division went straight to work on the aerodynamics of the car, increasing the rear wing angle by three degrees, and adding carbon fibre ‘flicks” to the cofango, which is what Lamborghini calls a one-piece bonnet. These changes increase downforce at both ends of the car.

    As well as honing the aerodynamics, Squadra Corse has also replaced the ‘normal’ STO’s (if you can even call it that) adaptive dampers with race-bred shock absorbers.

    The new dampers are four-way adjustable, with rebound and compression damping able to be tuned for both high-speed and low-speed frequencies.

    Topping it all off is an Akrapovic titanium exhaust that will ensure no one within a two-kilometre radius of the car forgets it’s there.

    The standard STO – or Super Trofeo Omologata – takes lessons from the Huracan Super Trofeo racer and puts them in a road-ready package as a final send off for the Huracan.

    Over previous Huracans, the tracks are wider, the suspension bushings are stiffer, and there are unique anti-roll bars working with the latest adaptive damping system.

    Gone is the adaptive steering system. The STO has a faster fixed-ratio setup, although it still has rear steering.

    As the STO SC 10° Anniversario makes no more power over the base STO, its 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10 pumps out 470kW of power and 565Nm of torque.

    This gets the raging bull from 0 to 100km/h in three seconds, while 0-200km/h is accomplished in nine seconds. The base STO will do 310km/h flat out.

    Other big numbers for the base STO include a 1339kg dry weight and a stopping distance from 100km/h to 0 in 30 metres.

    While Squadra Corse hasn’t traditionally had its hand in engineering road cars, it did create the Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse in 2013.

    Squadra Corse took a Gallardo Super Trofeo racer and homologated the car for the road, adding a few creature comforts along the way.

    The result was the Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse, which retained all major components from the race car, save for production standard carbon-ceramic brakes. Comfort seats were optional, while the engine, transmission and aerodynamics remained unchanged from the Gallardo Super Trofeo.

    James Gelding
    James Gelding is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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