A growing number of Hertz customers in the US have alleged they were charged “refuelling” fees after renting an electric vehicle.

    Earlier this month, US publication The Drive reported reader Joshua Lee had been hit with a US$277.39 (A$418.81) refuelling fee after attempting to return a Tesla Model 3 to Hertz, despite the EV running on battery power.

    Mr Lee had forked out for Hertz’s “Skip the Pump” option, while the firm also limits its maximum recharge fee to US$35 (A$52.80), meaning the charge was incorrect.

    While Hertz finally issued a refund to Mr Lee, more people have claimed to be charged a refuelling fee after hiring EVs through Hertz.

    Evan Froehlich told The Drive he had originally booked a Tesla Model 3 Long Range through Hertz but was told upon arrival that only a standard range model was available, receiving just a US$22 discount.

    While returning the EV, Mr Froehlich was asked to pay US$340.97 (A$504.81) to “Skip the Pump”.

    His access to Hertz’s loyalty program limits the cost of recharging to US$25, down from the standard US$35.

    The charge was only reversed after Mr Froehlich reportedly took to social media to air his grievances, and Hertz provided one sole day of free EV renting to him, which can only be redeemed before the end of 2024.

    The Drive was also contacted by another Hertz customer, Toan Le, who was billed US$475.19 (A$708.63) to refuel the Tesla Model 3 they had rented, as well as a US$125.01 (A$186.42) fee for charging at Tesla’s own Superchargers.

    This charge was also reversed to the correct US$25 fee.

    There are no reports of similar instances impacting EV renters in Australia, but if you’ve ever experienced a fuelling charge after hiring a battery-powered car, let us know in the comments below.

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