Images have surfaced on social media of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck electric pickup sporting a bizarre wrap to make it resemble a Ford F-150.

    The unusually disguised vehicle even features faux door handles.

    The pictures look to originate from Tesla’s research facility at the former Hewlett-Packard campus, where several Cybertrucks are positioned in various stages of assembly.

    It’s unclear whether Elon Musk is playfully teasing Ford and the Cybertruck’s main rival, the F-150 Lightning, or an experiment to gauge the appearance of the electric ute with traditional exterior features.

    Given Musk’s history of antics, it’s potentially the former, especially considering the Cybertruck’s unusual shape and proportions aren’t easily disguised.

    The photos also offer a glimpse inside the front trunk, or ‘frunk,’ which appears surprisingly compact.

    Considering the forward cabin positioning, the limited space is not completely unexpected. However, the images reveal an even smaller frunk than anticipated, showing massive front wheel wells and HVAC components that occupy almost all of the remaining room.

    We also see that the opening mechanism allows direct access to the waist-high cargo area.

    In comparison, the F-150 Lightning boasts a spacious front area.

    The decreased space in the front of the Cybertruck is offset by gaining extra length in the tub, providing the Tesla with 152mm more bed space compared to the F150, all while being 25mm shorter overall.

    The Cybertruck measures 5.88m long overall with a 1.83m-long tub, while the F-150 Lightning is 5.91m long but with a 1.68m-long tub.

    What’s the deal with this F-150 wrap on the Cybertruck? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Mark Trueno

    Mark Trueno is a CarExpert Contributor.

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