We’ve seen launch control settings on cars for a number of years now, but being able to control how brutal the launch is from a standing start is something new.

    Hyundai is in the process of putting the final touches on the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N electric car and one of the features engineers have integrated within the control system is customisable launch severity.

    Speaking to CarExpert, Hyundai executive technical advisor Albert Biermann said this level of fine-tuning will help those that don’t have a stomach for crazy launches.

    “Launch control depends on the road condition. So, and this is also some area where you make character, right? But with adjustability also then we can work for different customer’s ideas, if he [or she] wants to have less aggressive, he [or she] can find there’s a lesser setting that you can basically set,” he said.

    Biermann went on to say that a ‘drag’ mode is built into the system as well, and its intention is to take advantage of battery heating to deliver optimum performance and acceleration from the motors.

    “We have something like a drag mode and then we condition the battery to the maximum performance for a limited time and this gives temporarily more freedom in some [performance] thresholds,” he said.

    “You have to take care of your battery. So if you want to be out there for a longer time. We will be having like a track mode and then you can also then prepare the battery for a track day purpose and say okay, I will go on the track.

    “So then you already cooled down the battery before you go out and maximise the cooling power of the cooling system. So all this so we really tried to get the most out of it.”

    The first Hyundai N electric vehicle to debut this technology will be the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, which will debut at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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    Paul Maric

    Paul Maric is an Australian car expert based in Melbourne, Australia. Paul is a founder of CarExpert.com.au & formerly part of the CarAdvice founding team.

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