That’s going to be one expensive repair bill.

    Footage shared online shows a McLaren Senna losing control after doing donuts on a Los Angeles street, and subsequently crashing into a column at a Lexus dealership.

    A throng of onlookers were watching and filming the spectacle, which reportedly took place on Sunday afternoon.

    Fortunately, Ventura Boulevard was relatively quiet at the time, and no pedestrians were walking where the Senna mounted the kerb at Lexus of Woodland Hills.

    The video was uploaded to Reddit by user slattdemon99, who claims YouTuber Edmund “Mondi” Barseghian as the driver.

    Just a few days ago, Mr Barseghian had posted a video of acquiring what appears to be the same McLaren Senna in Miami. He subsequently published a video showing himself performing donuts… though in this clip, he doesn’t crash into a Lexus dealership.

    Mr Barseghian says his Senna is a one-of-one example, referred to as Project Kilo II, which was the first Senna to be delivered in the US and rides on carbon wheels that were a US$152,000 (A$231,555 option).

    It wouldn’t be the first car he’s damaged. He uploaded a video showing how he totalled a GMC Hummer EV after driving for just 14km, and has also shared footage of himself driving a Porsche 911 GT3 down a flooded road.

    Dev Singh

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