Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) has announced it will replace its NSX-GT Type S with a Civic Type R-GT for the 2024 Super GT season in Japan.

    The new race car will compete in the GT500 category against Toyota GR Supras and Nissan Zs.

    HRC first revealed the Civic Type R-GT concept in January 2023. The vehicle has since undergone track testing at the Okayama International Circuit in Japan.

    The company decided to sub out its NSX-GT for the Civic Type R-GT racer after production of the road-going NSX supercar ended in 2022. It was sold in markets including Japan, Canada and Australia as the Honda NSX, but was known as the Acura NSX in the United States.

    As per regulations for the GT500 series, manufacturers are required to have a 2.0-litre single-turbo inline four cylinder engine mated to a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox.

    The race car will be rear-wheel drive in line with GT500 regulations, unlike its FWD street-ready relative.

    HRC hasn’t confirmed power outputs for the race car yet, however it’s worth noting that Honda’s current NSX-GT produces 405kW of power and 490Nm of torque.

    Honda’s racing division is yet to announce who will be in the driver’s seat for the 2024 GT500 season, however according to Naoki Yamamoto and Tomoki Nojiri could have been the drivers for the Type R-GT’s pre-season testing.

    The company released a teaser of the upcoming racer on its Twitter profile a day before track testing.

    “We are very pleased to be able to start the first track testing of the Civic Type R-GT, which is a race machine incorporating the aerodynamics, engine and other technologies, and the expertise that HRC has amassed by taking on challenges in a number of races inside and outside of Japan,” said president of Honda Racing Corporation, Koji Watanabe.

    “Starting with the 2024 season, we will be competing in the GT500 class of SUPER GT, one of the most prestigious auto racing series in Japan.”

    “With our constant desire for victory, we will strive to win the championship from the very first year, so please keep your expectations high for the permeance the Civic Type R-GT will demonstrate in the coming years.”

    According to Toyota, Honda and Nissan will begin running their respective 2024 line-up as of this week.

    The current season commenced in April 15 2023, so it’s expected the new season of the Super GT, Japan will start in April 2024. There are five remaining races for this year’s season, with the next race set to kick off at Fuji Speedway on August 5-6.

    Honda has not won a driver’s championship in the Super GT GT500 since 2020.

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