Ford Australia has recalled nine examples of its F-150 pickup, with a manufacturing fault potentially resulting in the driver’s airbag not functioning in a crash.

    UPDATE, 30/1/2024 2:45PM: Ford Australia has provided a statement on this recall.

    “There are nine vehicles in Australia covered by this recall, which relates to the steering wheel clock spring assembly weld.

    “None of the vehicles are with customers, and all will be inspected and repaired if necessary before being delivered. This recall is not related to the re-manufacturing process”.

    Our original story continues unchanged below.

    The latest recall is separate to the stop-driving notice issued on January 18, which was related to a loss of steering control in 443 examples, caused by a steering rack and shaft fault.

    Today’s recall is related to an installation fault with the Ford F-150’s clock spring.

    “The clock spring electrical connection between the steering wheel airbag, horn and electrical systems may not have been welded to specification and possibly fail,” said the company in its recall notice.

    “If this occurs, it could result in a loss of steering wheel illumination, non-functioning steering wheel control switches, inoperative horn, and the airbag warning light will illuminate which may result in the driver’s airbag becoming inoperative.

    “In the event of an accident, an airbag not deploying as intended could increase the risk of injury or death to vehicle occupants.”

    • A total of nine vehicles are affected
    • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) list is attached here
    • The original recall notice is attached here

    Ford hasn’t specified how many examples of the F-150 have been delivered to customers, though it says owners of affected vehicles will be notified in writing to have the fault fixed when parts become available.

    The brand also says vehicles affected which have not yet been delivered will be rectified before being handed over to owners.

    Further questions can be directed to Ford’s Customer Relationship Centre on 13 36 73 or any authorised Ford dealer.

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